Unspoken Words..

Liberation is coming, injustice never wins. Praying for all those affected in America and in the Diaspora in fighting the battle of the dehumanisation and the undermining of a race that still rises against all odds. Jo x Advertisements

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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! Smile don’t let the Monday blues get you down. I thought would share a podcast that I have been listening to this past month  The Lavendaire Lifestyle by Aileen Xu.”This podcast digs deep as Aileen shares her personal stories, life lessons, and endless wisdom on how to create your dream life. New episodes released […]

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3 things that help free your mind!

Happy June all! No sign of a upcoming Summer here in London, but fingers crossed! (Although that is a pic from Autumn lol) Since I have been taking a break recently, I’ve noticed that instead of relaxing I am constantly thinking! Whether it’s about future plans or what I think i’m supposed to be doing […]

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Do what you love…always.

Recently I started a new job after taking some time away for some months to study some of my creative passions like Graphic design and Illustration. During that time I explored all the things I love to do creative wise whether it was taking pictures, creating music playlists online or even filling in some mindfulness […]

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Questions For Ada #WorldBookDay

As a bibliophile I was happy there was a World Book day yesterday. Especially in a age where we are fully engaged constantly on screens and tech devices. Recently I have been discovering so many writers of Colour which is awesome because I think representation in literature is very important. My favourite book that I […]

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Be Brave.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Paulo Coelho


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Sunday Reads: The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

From the moment I read this book, the first chapter “Domestication and the Dream of the Planet” opened my eyes to just how much we’ve been “domesticated” as Humans from thoughts to patterns in society that we follow. The book uses themes from the Toltec culture and beliefs. In addition this book explores how we can […]

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