3 things that help free your mind!

Me Kyoto Garden

Happy June all!

No sign of a upcoming Summer here in London, but fingers crossed! (Although that is a pic from Autumn lol)

Since I have been taking a break recently, I’ve noticed that instead of relaxing I am constantly thinking! Whether it’s about future plans or what I think i’m supposed to be doing as a young twenty something? argh thinking overload. What I know for sure is that worrying and overthinking does not achieve anything! but I still do it anyway human nature eh?

Here some things that have helped to lessen my overthinking:

  1. Go for a walk + earphones in – When I have a lot on my mind I go for a walk and listen to something chilled. At the moment I’m listening to Yuna’s new album Chapters it’s so good.
  2. Read or (listen) to a fictional book – for me fictional books can be a fun escape for a couple of hours, especially YA dystopian books.  At the moment i’m reading/listening to Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard on Audible.
  3. Prayer and Meditation – I pray to God to grant me peace, I meditate using my Calm app it has guided mediation which is great!

Recently I have been seeking to live a more mindful life, therefore i’m trying to seek daily positive habits. I will share some of things I learn along the way in future posts.

Jo  x





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